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    Some like our lemon wine more than our mandarin while others prefer our mandarin, so here is the combination, blended for your satisfaction ...very delicious, rich, ranchio and highly aromatic! A little bitterness of mandarins is combined with a little acidity from lemons in this well balanced and complex wine for all seasons.


    Great mixed with dry red grape wine and sipped hot as a winter warmer ...known as mulled wine simply mix 60mL Citrus wine with 90mL dry red wine then heat but do not boil, to retain the alcohol, ...serve in a cup.


    Pour 30mL into a large glass, add 375mL of Ultra Light beer (at 0.5% abv) to create a refreshing fruity style craft beer of around 2.25% abv, or simply mix with soda, or tonic and ice if beer isn't really your thing.


    Served at room temperature as a digestive, it's really great with dark chocolate too!

    • Details:

      SKU 33, 22% alc/vol, 375 ml with Stelvin Lux closure, BRONZE medal Australian Fruit Wine Show 2020 (Hobart), 1.03kg shipping weight

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