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    Originally labelled as Organic Lisbon, this small batch wine was crafted using the long fermentation method from 100% whole Lisbon lemons (no added water) grown at GMP Farms in Colignan Victoria. These fruit growers are organically certified via NASSA so all their produce is grown using organic principles. Our wine is naturally sweetened and fortified prior to bottling.

    A fruit wine produced in Australia by law must have at least 8% alcohol prior to fortification not just a day or two of fermentation as per grape ports but four months or more are required over the winter season with this difficult to ferment citrus fruit.

    Nuances of chinotto and salt preserved lemon, the bouquet of fresh Lemon blossoms, the zestiness of a cello and the full-on acidity of whole organic lemons has been expertly crafted into this fine creme style liqueur, our "Creme de Limon".

    Unlike your typical French style creme liqueur however, by using actual fruit wine  rather than just spirit distilled from fruit wine base, the result is a creme liqueur with a highly aromatic and complex flavour profile of actual fruits, rather than one of brandy or brandy tails even... and that destinctive tang of lemon fruits is retained.


    The perfect aperitif straight from the freezer or simply mix with 2 parts tonic/ soda water and ice if desired.


    Pour 30mL of chilled WLF into a large chilled glass, add 375mL of chilled Ultra Light beer (at 0.5% abv) to create a refreshing fruity style craft beer of around 2.25% abv ...btw Ultra Light Beer is available from most supermarkets as a liquor licence is not required to sell it (due to it's low alcohol content).


    Combine 30 - 45mL WLF with 30mL of your favourite Tequila (or mezcal for the smokiness), then pour over ice in a salt rimmed glass for an easy Margarita. Alternatively, leave out the ice and add to a long stemmed cocktail glass for the ultimate mixologists dream... (el Jimadore is a great choice btw). 


    Served at room temperature as a digestive’s really great with dark chocolate too! 

    • Details:

      SKU 2, 22% alc/vol, 375 ml with Stelvin Lux closure, BRONZE medal at Australian Fruit Wine Show 2019 (Hobart), 1.03kg shipping weight

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