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Our Offerings
Honey Umeshu
Lemon Ginger Fortified

No matter what your favourite fruit or wine style, we have something that will make you happy!

2017 Syrah aka Shiraz
2017 Cabernet Sauvignon
2017 Grenache
Our Winemaker
winemaker Robert Matthews of Matthews Fruit Wines

Robert Matthews has been crafting wines since a lad. His first, a fortified style Ruby blood plum

back in the summer of 1976...

While we don't impose minimum order volumes, we offer free standard shipping Australia wide on all orders over 9kg or exceeding $150 with subsidised shipping on smaller orders.  We can't say how much we  appreciate receiving orders directly from customers, so any orders valued at $150 or more will also include complementary wine/ free wine, a 375ml bottle (winemaker's choice based on your order preferences) will be included.  While indirect sales help establish our brand, in most cases it's the same amount of work for significantly less return.  Direct orders have guaranteed shortest delivery times, no cut off dates and help us become more viable! ...having said that, based on advice from AusPost we recommend orders for Std Shipping be in by midday Thursday 7th Dec and for Express Post, by midday Thursday 14th Dec, if you want your gift to be there for Christmas 2023.

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