CITRUS & STONEFRUITS Umeshu fortified 375ml
  • CITRUS & STONEFRUITS Umeshu fortified 375ml


    The old stone house was built at Kingston On Murray in 1912 and named "Holmwood". With it's surrounding orchards it was at the centre of a thriving stone fruit industry for many years, before being taken over by citrus, wine grapes, avocados and almonds...


    Creation of this unique liqueur has been inspired by Japanese wines of Yuzu citrus and Umeshu (Japanese plumcot liquor). Our wine is a blend of citrus and stone fruit wines, all fermented from fully ripened fruit, naturally sweetened and a little fortified.


    With a bouquet of almond paste and citrus zest, together with acidity from citrus, it’s a complex yet very approachable wine - even by those not particularly fond of marzipan.


    The acidity of Umeshu is often derived by combining unripe ume fruits with spirit. Our Citrus Umeshu is fermented from fully ripened fruit, so doesn't have that “green fruit” flavour of spirit based umeshu, it could even be said that our liqueur is like a stone fruit Amaretto with citrus acidity.


    Regardless of the method, our Citrus Umeshu is the perfect aperitif chilled or over ice in summer or simply enjoy as an after-dinner digestive.

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      SKU 22, 22% alc/vol, 375 ml with Stelvin Lux closure, BRONZE medal at Australian Fruit Wine Show 2019 (Hobart), 1.03kg shipping weight