4x100 Gourmet Tasting Flight #2 sampler collection
  • 4x100 Gourmet Tasting Flight #2 sampler collection




    4x100mL Wine samplers: Quince Dessert; Rare Plumcot; Classic Tawny (port); Whole Mandarin Fortified. A great way to taste your way through our extensive range of wines without costing the earth. Tasting flight #2 includes a silver medal winning wine Quince Dessert (at AFWS Hobart 2020). The wines in this flight are a little less intense starting with Quince, it may bring back memories of your childhood in mum's kitchen. Mellow and aromatic wines, building gradually in intensity and finishing with our highly aromatic Whole Mandarin Fortified. Great wines to enjoy as aperitifs, in cocktails but even more so as after dinner digestives.

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