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Wine Tastings

Tastings and sales of a good selection of our wines is now available at Riverland Wine Centre. This new wine centre is located in Lyrup, just off Stanitzki Rd at Pike River Luxury Villashttps://pikeriver.com.au/riverland-experiences/

Call us on (08) 8583 0140, email winemaker Robert or drop in at 454 Holmes Rd - over the road from Kingston On Murray Caravan Park, to arrange a private tasting for yourself and friends at your place, or a location anywhere within the Riverland.

If you happen to be staying at the KOM Caravan Park and are interested in sampling our wines, be sure to make enquiries upon check in. They will let you know if we are running any tastings at the time. If there is a group of you, they may be able to organise a tasting session time that suits your group too. As a guide, tastings are generally held on Saturday afternoons around 3pm. They usually take from one to two hours with any wines ordered, delivered to your door around 6 to 8pm or the following morning if you choose. Other delivery times are possible by arrangement. All Riverland deliveries are free of charge. Payment is by cash, card or payWave upon delivery. 

If you are a resident of the Riverland area and curious to sample our wines, feel free to enquire at the Park. You may be able to join one of our tasting sessions even if not a guest at the park but this will depend on prevailing covid-19 rules however. Just remember you must sign in at the kiosk prior, so they have a complete record of who is in the park of course.

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Our order arrived yesterday. Thank you for the sample of the Feijoa and Leatherwood, it is amazing! The scent of feijoa and the taste of the honey is incredible, super smooth and delicious. Now I have to save some for my Dad, I think once he tries it we will have to place another order!

- Melanie -


Robert, your wines are amazing! They are so much better than anything on the market. I have previously been buying your wines at Dan Murphy’s Online and thought I would come direct this time just to show my appreciation and congratulate you on your work! …I’m sure it takes decades to get to the level you are at but I’m so excited by what you are bringing onto the market – such unique flavour combinations and such incredible taste. Keep up the great work!

- Mitchell -


A wonderful warming wine. Ordering was a simple experience after a quick chat my order was on the way. Was carefully packaged with each mini bottle having its own protection - you can tell this stuff is precious to them. Once it came time to taste it I was not at all disappointed, a lovely balanced delight. Matthews Fruit Wines will certainly be added to my winter line up for years to come!

- Ralph -